The Lordstown Construction Recovery disposal facility is part of Lafarge's family of 1,000+ operations in North America.  In 2010 Lafarge NA shipped more than 150 million tons of cement, concrete and aggregates and over 2 billion square feet of gypsum drywall.  

Our Lordstown debris disposal facility is a state of the art landfill with liner, leachate collection and treatment system, groundwater monitoring system and comprehensive surface water management systems.

Lafarge North America is committed to the protection of the environment, human health and well being, to the mitigation of climate change and the conservation of nature. Our objective is to ensure the continued improvement of our environmental performance. We have designed and built our facility in a manner that meets local laws, standards and regulations as well as Lafarge's worldwide environmental standards.


We are convinced that our way of operating makes a positive contribution to the development of the communities that accommodate our facilities and that the quality of our local stakeholder relations is an indicator of our global performance. Lafarge places stakeholder relations at the core business, basing it's approach on Dialog, Transparency, Responsibility and the Contribution to the economic and social development of local communities.

Lordstown Construction Recovery landfill is the largest C&D facility in Ohio. We service Northeast Ohio, Western Pennsylvania (via truck) and the East Coast states (via rail).  We have tremendous highway access to I-76, St Rt 45, St Rt 5, I-80 and sits directly on CSX's main rail line.  Our rotary dumper is one of a kind operation and can unload railcars in less than one minute!  LCR is one of the few facilities that provides an unloading area separate from the landfill; quick turnaround, and no damage to your equipment.