As a valued customer of LCR, we will continue to serve your business in the same expedient and professional manner you are accustomed to.  Required by law to comply with regulations prohibiting solid waste from being deposited at the site, a list of acceptable and non-acceptable materials are below.

Acceptable Materials

  • Roofing Materials

  • Drywall, Wall Coverings, Plaster, Non-Asbestos Insulation, Wall to Wall Carpeting, Doors

  • Brick, Block, Concrete, Asphalt, Asphaltic Substances and other Masonry Materials

  • Framing and Finishing Lumber

  • Weathered Railroad Ties and Utility Poles

  • Stone, Glass

  • HVAC Unit Fixed to Building with all refrigerants evacuated prior.

  • Structural Steel and Iron

  • MOST Siding Materials including Aluminum and Vinyl

  • Electrical Wiring and Components Containing no Hazardous Fluids or Refrigerants

  • Plumbing and plumbing Fixtures

  • Any Packaging materials Associated with items such as: Shingles, Roofing Cement, Plaster and Insulation

Non - Acceptable Materials

  • Tires of any Kind

  • Yard Waste

  • Clothing, Shoes or Toys

  • Appliances that are not permanent fixtures such as: Dishwashers, Built in Ovens

  • Mattresses, Furniture or Packing Materials associated with these items

  • Auto Parts

  • Books, Magazines, Papers / Office materials

  • Propane Tanks

  • Batteries of any kind

  • Paint, Liquids, Cleaning Products

  • Garbage, Trash, Municipal Sludge or Solid Waste

  • Infectious Waste, Asbestos, Industrial or hazardous Wastes of any Kind, No Fly Ash