Why Lordstown Construction Recovery?

Lordstown Construction Recovery is a state of the art construction and demolition landfill with liner and leachate collection and treatment system, groundwater monitoring system and comprehensive surface water management system.

LCR services both rail and truck customers from near and far. We have safely unloaded over 60,000 rail cars since our operations began in 2003.  The Lordstown facility also safely manages more than 10,000 C&D trucks on a yearly basis.

A rail line comes directly into the plant by CSX, which means no lost time with a short line railroad; We have eight working tracks on site.  LCR uniquely utilizes both a rotary dumper for instant unloading of the smaller gondola railcars and specialized material handlers for unloading the larger jumbo railcars. This means rail deliveries are typically handled the very same day so our customers can have your railcars heading back to your facility as quickly as possible.  Quick turnaround means less railcars needed and less headaches for you.

Trucks DO NOT have to go into the landfill to unload.  They unload on level pads for quick turnaround; no mud, no damage, no flat tires or waiting in lines. We are only minutes from I-76,  I-80, SR 45, SR 534 and SR 5.


At the unloading zone, unacceptable materials are removed from the waste by "pickers" and then placed in a separate container for proper disposal. Although using both a pre-acceptance waste screening program as well as the pickers is not required under the regulations, Lafarge has determined to incorporate both approaches onto our C&D management program.

Our landfill uses either five feet of extremely low permeability in-situ clay or a minimum of two feet of re-compacted clay as liner material. Any waste contact water (leachate) is collected in a one to two foot thick porous layer over the clay and is sloped to a central collection point. From there it is pumped to a 20,000 gallon waste water treatment system and then discharged to the county sewer line.

Groundwater monitoring is currently being performed at our facility and will be ongoing for many years.  Highly specialized sampling and laboratory techniques are utilized for determining groundwater quality and the results show that our Lordstown operation has no impact on groundwater.

Surface water is also managed in compliance with all regulations through engineered silt traps and sedimentation basins.  In this manner, surface waters, like Duck Creek, will be protected from sediment loading for many years to come.

Additional site features include a wheelwash, multiple tarping/untarping stations, paved entrance and security systems.​